November Newsletter

November Newsletter

November Newsletter

sam maguire

November Newsletter

All parents are asked to check in at the office when visiting the school.  If you wish to see a teacher, the secretary will arrange an appointment.  If you need to get an urgent message to your child this can be done through the office.

For insurance reasons pupils cannot be taken into the school before 9 a.m.  Please bear this in mind, especially on wet mornings.
Please make sure that your child has appropriate rain gear, hat, umbrella and wellingtons (if possible) on wet mornings.

School tracksuits can only be worn on PE days or when your child is involved in school sporting activities.

Standardised tests in Maths & English, which are held twice yearly (November & May), will take place on November 24th, 25th & 26th.

The 4th class pupils had a wonderful opportunity recently to visit the Glanmore Factory and see how our school lunches are made from start to finish.  It is hoped to give more pupils this opportunity in the future.

The Sam Maguire Cup received a great welcome when it was brought to the school by Eric Lowndes on November 4th.  Hopefully we’ll see ‘Sam’ back here again next year!

Parents are reminded to be very vigilant about the video games children are playing and to ensure that all such games are well supervised and age appropriate.

The annual anti-bullying week took place last week and children were involved in a variety of activities related to the prevention of bullying.  Pupils in 5th & 6th classes attended an excellent cyber bullying workshop.  We would encourage you to use this opportunity to talk to your child about the issues raised during the week.

The school will continue to focus on oral language and auditory memory as part of our school improvement plan in literacy.  The focus of the numeracy school improvement plan will be switched this year from fractions to time.  Our third area for school self-evaluation will be in attendance.  These reports and plans are available in the office on request.

Our Christmas carol service and 3rd class Nativity Play will take place in St. Philip’s Church on Thursday, December 17th.  All parents are invited.  We will send more details nearer to the time.

Thank you,
Paula Dargan