Our School

Our School Vision

This is our schoolWP_20160223_11_15_15_Rich_LI
Let peace dwell here
Let the room be full of contentment
Let love abide here
Love of one another
Love of mankind
Love of life itself
And love of God
Let us remember
That as many hands build a house,
So many hearts make a school.

School History

St. Philip’s Senior National School was established on September 1 st, 1982. The manager was Rev. Philip Dennehy, P.P. Members of the Board of Management, selected during the course of the first year, under the chairmanship of Fr. Dennehy were: Sr. Presentina Murphy, Frank Farraher, Brendan Martin, Ann Sansovini, Bridie O’Neill, Maura McGann and Dennis Connolly.
Dennis Connolly was appointed Principal Designate in June 1982. The following teachers were appointed in July 1982 – Maura McGann (VP), Mary Ward, Michael Downes, Miriam McInerney Duffy, Geraldine Casey, John Lalor, Evelyn Trant and Therese O’Sullivan.
The school is situated in the parish of Mountview in Clonsilla and 50% of the pupils are from within the parish. The estates of Fortlawn, Whitechapel, Woodvale, Inglewood, Lohunda, Castlefield, Charnwood, Blakestown cottages, Rosevale Court, Limelawn, Aspen Wood, Sorrel Park and Hillbrook Woods make up the parish of Mountview.
The school also caters for pupils from the Travelling community and 48% of our pupils are of foreign origin. To date pupils from 44 countries have passed through the school. Many of these pupils come to the school with absolutely no understanding of the English language. There are currently 26 different nationalities in the school.
At present Mrs. Noreen Behan is Chairperson of the Board of Management and the school Principal is Paula Dargan. The Deputy Principal is Geraldine Casey.
The school has sixteen classrooms, a library, staff room, parents’ room, six resource rooms, secretary’s office and a strong room to store equipment. The school hall is shared between the Junior and Senior schools and is regularly used by community groups. We have access during school hours to the local community centre.
We currently have nineteen teachers and two special needs assistants on the staff.
The school is active in promoting Gaelic football, swimming, soccer, ladies football, athletics and basketball and has had many successes over the years in all these activities. The school, in developing these activities, uses the adjacent parks of Mountview & Hartstown.